Can worsening symptoms be a sign of improvement?

Recently a Frontline Neuropathy user shared with me that some of their neuropathy symptoms were improving while others had worsened. Why might this be?

The user had just finished their third bottle and noticed that they were no longer bothered by tingling sensations in the feet; however, pain in the feet seemed worse.

Why is this happening?
This is an interesting situation! First of all, it is great to see an improvement of neuropathy symptoms! Both the tingling and pain are the result of nerve damage (neuropathy). In some cases, the tingling is an early symptom of nerve damage that occurs before painful symptoms. This suggests that nutrition therapy helped to address the more mild damage first.

Why is the pain worse?
No one ever wants their pain to get worse - but the fact that a change in pain symptoms was noticed is a positive change. Frontline Neuropathy can help to improve blood flow to the extremities, and increased blood flow is important for improving nerve health and sensation. An increase in pain can be the damaged nerves starting to regain function. Over time, like the nerves that were causing tingling, these sensations will subside. 

What can I do now?
The important take away is neuropathy symptoms can be addressed before they become painful. If you or a loved one are experiencing tingling or altered sensations then you should see a healthcare provider and consider supporting your nerve health with Frontline Neuropathy. You can also use this tool to track your symptoms

Stay healthy,
Dr. Evan