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FRONTLINE is the first nutrition therapy for prediabetes, diabetes and neuropathy developed from the clinical research of Dr. Evan Lewis PhD. 

Dr. Lewis' mission is to develop nutrition therapies for people that go beyond masking symptoms and truly support their health.

FRONTLINE provides all of the essential nutrients to support healthy blood sugar, decrease sugar cravings, protect against diabetes complications and improve neuropathy symptoms.

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I am a registered nurse and had to resign 6 years ago because I was diagnosed with stage 2 Carcinoma treated with chemotherapy and radiation. I've been taking Nutarniq Essentials for a year now and I have my feet back again and it is wonderful to walk again without pain. Thank you for giving me back my life back!


After finishing the first bottle I have noticed a decrease in the stabbing pain from my diabetic neuropathy. I have also noticed improvements in digestion and sleep.


I have noticed a vast improvement in my feeling and touch. The burning in my feet has decreased.  Nutarniq is part of my daily routine and I would highly recommend it. 


I have diabetic neuropathy causing numbness and pain in my feet.  I was taking about 4 Lyrica pills per day for the pain.  After 5-months of using Nutarniq Essentials, I noticed that the numbness and the nerve pain in my legs was not as severe and now I only take 1-2 Lyrica pills per day.


I have quite bad osteoarthritis in my back and knees and at times I had unexplained falls.

After taking only half a bottle I started to have less pain. Over several months I have continued to improve using stairs and walking. I am thankful for the benefits and will continue to take Nutarniq for maintenance purposes.



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