Frontline Neuropathy

Frontline Neuropathy is the first natural nutrition therapy that can support the health of damaged nerves and decrease painful symptoms.

Dr. Evan Lewis PhD developed Frontline Neuropathy from his clinical research to provide a complete solution for people with peripheral neuropathy.

Nerves are found throughout the entire body where they are responsible for everything you feel… from warmth and cold, to pain.  

They also play a vital role in controlling your heart rate, digestive system, bladder control, and sexual function... 

So they are incredibly important to your health and well being. However, these nerves can quickly become damaged from high blood sugar (prediabetes and diabetes), chemotherapy, alcohol and toxins. 

Over time, nerves become damaged and can die....this leads to painful symptoms or Neuropathy

The first sign of nerve damage happens at the feet and you might feel numbness, tingling, or burning… like having a bad sunburn or lightning shocks of pain. 

If left untreated… neuropathy can lead to complete loss of feeling. And spread to other parts of the body.

This can also lead to injuries which can become infected… and in some cases, require amputation

Now it’s important to note…

That some of the most popular diabetes medications like Metformin… can cause nutrient deficiencies that impair nerve function.  

Which may accelerate neuropathy progression... It’s A Vicious, Painful, And Expensive Cycle that must be fixed naturally 

Dr. Evan Lewis PhD developed Frontline from his clinical research to provide a nutritional therapy solution for people with neuropathy.

Frontline Neuropathy works by:

1. Relieving painful neuropathy symptoms

2. Protecting nerves from damage

3. Optimizing nerve function

Frontline Neuropathy is your complete solution

Frontline is designed for individuals with peripheral neuropathy from diabetes as well as idiopathic, chemotherapy and alcohol induced neuropathies. While some individuals with neuropathy might not have prediabetes or diabetes, high blood sugar can make neuropathy symptoms worse.

What can I expect from Frontline Neuropathy?

This revolutionary product works to address all of the concerns and risks that people with neuropathy face. Based on Dr. Evan Lewis PhD's extensive clinical research, most users can see the following results:


  • Increase in energy levels
  • Early improvements in neuropathy symptoms
  • Some improved insulin sensitivity 


    • Increased HDL in some users
    • Nerve protection against high blood sugar


      • Improvements in most symptoms
      • Decrease in cravings for carbohydrate rich foods that damage nerves
      • Insulin sensitivity is further improved


        • Consistent improvement in neuropathy symptoms
        • Improvements in blood glucose levels and A1c


          • Consistent improvement in neuropathy symptoms
          • Continued improvement in A1c
          • Continue Frontline Neuropathy use to maintain health

          It is important to note that different people will respond at different rates to this product depending on duration of symptoms and other health factors, including sleep, daily nutrition and physical activity.