Frontline Diabetes Plan

Do You Want to Improve Your Diabetes?

The FRONTLINE DIABETES PLAN was designed by Dr. Evan Lewis PhD for you to have a Super-Simple and Easy to Follow Solution to get ahead of your diabetes.

In this plan you will gain access to the most effective strategies to manage your health, including...

  1. A complete nutritional therapy plan that goes to work fast to control your blood sugar naturally to fight diabetes.
  2. Learn how to use cinnamon to lower fasting blood glucose and improve your A1C… (Flip to page #3 to find the clinical grade cinnamon)
  3. The triple threat against type 2 diabetes complications… starting with a specific B vitamin in its most absorbable form… that stops inflammation caused by high blood sugar in its tracks. (Plus: This super B vitamin decreases neuropathy symptom scores in a matter of weeks…(see page #6 to find exactly which B vitamin and the exact dosage)
  4. The 5 WORST “healthy” foods in your kitchen right now… that most doctors recommend... which speed up type 2 complications. (Plus the 3 BEST foods that can help control blood sugar when eaten just once a day)  
  5. 7-Day done-for-you Diabetes Breakthrough meal plan… if you’ve ever wondered what to eat to improve your diabetes… or you just want a super-simple meal plan to follow. Get the entire plan in chapter 3.  
  6. Inside your 7 day meal plan you’ll also find delicious low carb diabetes-friendly pancake recipes, healthy baked goods and more delicious dinners and desserts that have been modified for folks with diabetes (and your family will enjoy too!)  
  7. Is sugar from fruit dangerous? You’ll be SHOCKED by my answer on page #7 (I’ll also share 8 tips on how you can “cheat” with certain fruits that you thought were off limits)...  
  8. 5 reasons to eat eggs for type 2 diabetics… the TRUTH about omega-3s and insulin resistance… Is dehydration putting you at RISK for these type 2 complications? Find out on page #16… 4 refreshing type 2 diabetes-safe drinks for the Summer… and so much more!  

You’ll gain all of this and more inside the Frontline Diabetes Plan Main Manual and accompanying guides....