Neuropathy Risk Explained

I am excited to share some new research results from my lab!

As you know, my research investigates the role of omega-3 fats in nerve health and as therapy for neuropathy (nerve damage).

My most recent study, examined the role of blood omega-3s in the development of neuropathy and the results related to anyone with prediabetes, diabetes or neuropathy.


The Study

In this study that was published in the journal Diabetes and Its Complications, my colleagues and I examined blood omega-3 levels in 40 participants with diabetes before and after omega-3 nutrition therapy (10 mL/D).


The Results 

At the beginning of the study, 53% of participants were female and 59% were diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy. 

The participants that had been diagnosed with neuropathy had lower blood levels of the omega-3 DHA compared to the participants without neuropathy. DHA is the key omega-3 involved in supporting the maintenance and regeneration of nerves.

Overall, all of the study participants had ‘very low’ levels of blood omega-3s compared to global reference standards.

When the study participants started omega-3 nutrition therapy (10 mL/D), blood omega-3 levels increased 84%. This increased participants’ blood levels from ‘very low’ to ‘high’ levels of blood omega-3s.

Also, participants that had a higher amount of blood omega-3s at the beginning of the study, showed higher levels of nerve growth over the study.


The Take-Away

In this study we show that:

  • Individuals with neuropathy have low levels of omega-3s DHA that might contribute to the onset or progression of neuropathy.
  • Omega-3 nutrition therapy was able to effectively increase blood omega-3s from ‘very low’ to ‘high’ levels – this is important for supporting nerve health.
  • Higher blood levels of omega-3s are better able to support nerve growth.
  • Higher levels of blood omega-3s are associated with lower incidence of chronic diseases, including diabetes and heart disease.

Your Next Steps

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