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Frontline Diabetes is the only natural nutrition therapy that can provide the blood sugar control you need while also reducing your risk of diabetes complications.

Control and optimize blood sugar by:

  1. Reducing cravings for sugar and carb rich foods
  2. Quickly clearing sugars from the blood 
  3. Improving insulin sensitivity

Frontline Diabetes can provide these benefits because it is the only nutrition therapy to have the Glucose Control Nutrients that have been clinically shown to help control blood sugar in people with prediabetes and diabetes. Our research shows:

Chromium Picolinate reduces the food cravings you are struggling with and helps increase  insulin sensitivity. 

Cinnamon helps to remove sugar from the blood and lower A1c. 

Vitamin D3 is essential for regulating the removal of sugar out of the blood lowering A1c. 

While blood sugar is being controlled, Frontline Diabetes is protecting against diabetes complications. If you are concerned about vision loss (retinopathy) or are part of the 1 in 2 people that suffer from nerve damage (neuropathy), then these three natural ingredients can also help to decrease your risk of developing these issues or help to relieve you neuropathy symptoms. Our research shows:

Alpha-Lipoic Acid protects against inflammation and supports healthy nerve signalling.

Benfotiamine reduces painful symptoms from nerve damage and protects against the damaging effects of high blood sugar.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine works to decrease nerve pain symptoms and improves nerve function.

Finally, Frontline Diabetes has three ingredients to correct common nutrient deficiencies found in people with prediabetes and diabetes. Medications such as Metformin can cause deficiencies that trigger neuropathy symptoms. Our research shows:

Vitamin B6 & B12 work to correct deficiencies and maintain healthy nerve function. Deficiencies in vitamin B6 and B12 can cause neuropathy symptoms.

Choline is an essential nutrient for nerve-to-nerve communication. It can also protect nerves from aging related changes and support mental health.

Start taking control of your health today with the most powerful natural nutrition therapy product available without a prescription.

Dr. Evan’s research shows that early improvements in energy levels and insulin sensitivity can be noticed in some users after just 2-weeks and most users will notice lower blood sugar levels and a decrease in food cravings after 2-months of use!

That is why we offer a monthly subscription service so you can receive your Frontline Diabetes nutrition therapy at your door every month so you do not miss a dose. Or you can purchase our 3 or 6 bottle option to really invest in your health and take advantage of our savings.