Why is my neuropathy pain worse at night?

I received a tough question last week from our Facebook page:

Q: Why is my neuropathy pain worse at night?

A: It is definitely not fair, but many people with neuropathy experience more painful symptoms at night, just when they are trying to settle into bed. The true frustration here is that sleep is so important for keeping your body healthy that being deprived of sleep is both frustrating and unhealthy. For those with diabetes and neuropathy, proper sleep is more important than exercise for keeping blood sugar under control. 

Why does this happen?

When you are lying in bed, pain can often feel worse because your body is more relaxed and your mind is not focused on multiple tasks as compared to the middle of the day. This allows the mind to focus on the painful symptoms, which makes it even more difficult to get to sleep.  


What can I do?

1. Sleep hygiene or the routines you use to prepare for sleep are very important. Check out my 5 tips for sleeping your way to better health as a foundation for a good night sleep.

2. Frontline Neuropathy (previously Nutarniq Essentials) is important for the health of your nerves. My research shows that over time our pro-nerve ingredients protect nerves from damage and reduce nerve pain from neuropathy.

3. Meditation / Deep breathing is important for helping the body and mind relax while keeping your focus away from pain. These techniques can also be used to help manage mid-day painful episodes.

4. Music is another strategy to help the mind and boy relax while keeping your focus away from pain. There are many great playlists or albums available from music streaming services such as Apple, Spotify and Google Play to promote sleep. Try a few different types to see what helps you the best.

5. Sleep aids such as sleepy time tea, lavender essential oils, melatonin or valerian root are all natural ways to help the body and mind transition to sleep.

With a little experimentation, you can find the best combination that works for you. Here are my 10 strategies to get to sleep and stay asleep

Stay healthy,
Dr. Evan