SAFE Carbs That Also Boost Gut Health

Talking about carbs with people who are watching their blood sugar can result in a heated discussion! 

But what if it was possible to be confident in your carb choices for healthy blood sugar and boost your gut health too?!

Some might say that is too good to be true, but there are simple ‘every-day’ carb choices that work double duty for giving you healthy energy without a blood sugar spike and supporting optimal gut health.


Dr. Evan’s Top 5 Carbs Choices That Boost Gut Health

1. Potatoes - Are an amazing food for people watching their blood sugar. An average potato has 5g of protein and is packed with potassium and gut healthy fibre. Cook by baking, roasting and boiling are all healthy choices – please do not fry/deep fry. 

Sweet potatoes, russet have low glycemic index (GI). Russet and red potatoes have a higher GI when eaten hot, but at room temperature or cold they have a lower GI.

2. Bean/Lentils – Are a high fibre, high protein source of healthy carbs. Choices can range from chickpeas, red lentils, black and pinto beans just to name a few. The regular consumption of beans and lentils has been linked to increased longevity and decreased cancer risk in different clinical studies.

3. Oatmeal – Is a low GI morning stable for sustained energy. Oatmeal is also a gut friendly choice because of the insoluble fibre that helps to lower cholesterol and inflammation. In addition, oatmeal contains prebiotic fibre that helps to feed your gut bacteria.

4. Yogurt – Might not be thought of as a source of carbs; however, lactose is the sugar that is found naturally in dairy. While shopping for yogurt can hazardous with all of the added sugar options, look for plain Greek yogurt. This is a good source of protein, calcium and probiotics that support your gut health.

5.  Banana – While fruit sugar can be controversial, bananas are a high fibre fruit that contains electrolytes potassium and magnesium that support your nerves and muscles. Choose bananas that are still slightly green to maximize their prebiotic fibre.

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