Neuropathy Prevention - is it possible to stop the progression?

Peripheral neuropathy is the result of damage to your peripheral nerves. Peripheral neuropathy symptoms such as nerve damage can be caused by diabetes (high blood sugar), exposure to toxins including chemotherapy drugs, alcohol and physical injuries. Peripheral neuropathy often causes weakness, numbness and pain, starting in the hands and feet. When diabetes or toxins cause peripheral neuropathy, the nerve damage can progress over time to affect other areas of your body including your heart.  The best strategy for managing neuropathy is to prevent it from starting in the first place. However, if you have peripheral neuropathy there are three strategies to stop the progression. 



Manage Underlying Conditions

The best way to stop the progression of peripheral neuropathy is to manage medical conditions that have caused the nerve injury. For people with prediabetes and diabetes, keeping blood sugars is levels within target ranges are the key to stopping additional nerve injury. For those who have been treated with chemotherapy for cancer, following instructions to reduce occurrence is also important. 

Make Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Healthy lifestyle choices for peripheral neuropathy is something that can be done daily to prevent continued nerve damage. Choosing a diet that is low in process sugars and other foods avoid for neuropathy. Instead focus on healthy food choices that reduce your overall disease risk. Exercise can prevent peripheral neuropathy pain by keeping nerves active and increasing blood flow. Regular exercise, which includes walking, reduces the risk of peripheral neuropathy by keeping a healthy blood sugar and reducing the risk of diabetes and cancer.



Support Peripheral Nerve Health

To protect nerves from peripheral neuropathy, it is important to keep them healthy and supported. Nerves require specific nutrients to protect them from damage and ensure they are functioning optimally. Frontline Neuropathy provides comprehensive support for any with or at risk of developing neuropathy.