A SMART Start to The Year!

I hope you had a safe and restful holiday season. 

Are you someone that makes resolutions or goals for a new year?

While I wholeheartedly encourage this, it is important to be SMART about the process!

I regularly talk to people that make extravagant and unrealistic health or lifestyle goals in January. 

While these often sound good in conversation, they are often totally unrealistic and fall apart by February.

So how do we get SMART about your goals this year?

By using the SMART acronym for goal setting we can make sure that we are on track to be the best version of ourselves this year.

SMART stands for:

S - specific
M - measurable
A - attainable
R - relevant
T - timely

So if you have made a resolution or goal for 2021 I encourage you to review it and see if it fits the SMART criteria.

If it does not, that's ok!

Make some adjustments, or break your resolution into smaller goals so that you can have several wins to keep you motivated.

It is important to write down goals so that you can see them and refer back to them over time to evaluate your progress.

Stay Healthy,

Dr. Evan